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Kinesiologist - Jaks Watters
Jaks Watters

Welcome to my holistic healing space providing energetic support towards transforming stress and anxiety, and building emotional, mental and spiritual resilience.

The inner-world reality for many trying to cope with external chaos invokes a deep state of fear.  Creating symptoms of stress overwhelm, anxiety, mood swings, depression, low self worth, inability to stop worrying, overthinking etc and an overall general lack of self-care. 

These are learned behaviours no longer serving the highest version of self or humanity and can be changed.

“When you’re caught up in paying the bills and forget to be quiet and still, and your head’s feeling busy and scattered, have you forgotten what truly does matter?”  Jaks Watters

There’s an overwhelming bombardment of conflicting information in the world, much of which are simply distractions with the ability to pull us out of alignment at every opportunity.    Accessing your natural states of inner wisdom and calm amidst the external demands requires a conscious investment in yourself to strengthen your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resolve.  

If you find yourself responding to the inner call to change,  take the opportunity to stop and listen…and discover new ways of being you were not aware have always been available to you.  

Allow your innate intelligence to guide you with the gentle power of Kinesiology 

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Registered member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society