A poem – More Than Me

I wrote this several years ago whilst recovering from a trauma.  Afterwards I read in amazement what came out of me, and realised I’d tapped into a part of myself that carries a wisdom beyond time.  I believe we all have this wisdom within us, and when listened to in silence can help guide us through life.


More Than Me


Am I being all that I could be

Am I everything that you see

And in my strive for obtaining perfection

Do I lose out by my avid selection


Prosperity, peace, happiness

Abundance and love that is endless

What really matters to me

Is there really more than you see


Can I really make dreams come true

And have I always knew

Am I really more than this body

Does my soul really sing a melody


And even when chaos prevails

Is Divine Guidance still blowing her sails

Is harmony truly all around

Everywhere to be found


So when the rain hasn’t fallen for a year

And the farmers are shedding a tear

Does Mother Earth really know what she’s doing

Is there something far greater brewing


Through earthquakes, wars and loss of life

Searching for children, a husband, a wife

The rest of us are sadly left guessing

Can such loss of life, truly be deemed a blessing


We live in such times of confusion

Yet how much is just an illusion

Weapons of mass destruction

Or weapons of mass distraction


Emotions are universal

The same energy runs through us all

So if we’re Divinely connected

Why insist on being protected


These are the things I don’t understand

And destruction of life on the same piece of land

When so many others have more than they need

To take from those who have little to feed


I ask myself, what does it all mean

Then remember, things aren’t always what they seem

There’s more to life than we’ll ever know

Have trust, have faith, and the love will show


So when I awake feeling lonely or sad

And hurt for the losses I’ve had

Do I really have angels above

Caressing and holding me, sending me love


When I’m caught up in paying the bills

I forget to be quiet and still

And my heads feeling busy and scattered

I forget what truly does matter


I know there’s another me

My child within I don’t always see

Yet when I listen I know that she’s there

With an abundance of gifts to share


I have much more that I could ask

And risk coming out from behind the mask

By writing a poem, or playing guitar

Or painting in colour, my dreams go far


Little by little, I’m beginning to find

Much around me to remind

There really is more than what we see

In life, in you, and in me

© Jaks Watters