About Jaks

Life has shown me we instinctively know what we need to learn and grow through challenges

I’m a Scots lass with a warrior heart…I lived 9 lives by the age of thirteen…my traumas become my blessings for helping others…I refuse to contribute to the suffering in this world…cruelty to children and animals breaks my heart…I’m sensitive…an empath…I love deeply…cry unashamedly…the person I’d most like to invite to dinner is my beautiful deceased nana…my furry children are my babies…I’m a biased border collie lover…nature is my church…I’m gay and it’s a choice in being authentically me…I’m a bit of a chatterbox…a brilliant listener…I sneeze like a bear…I absolutely love food…cooking for loved ones is one of my greatest pleasures…I’m a learner even though studying is challenging for me…I am NOT a quitter…I believe in kindness towards strangers…I sing aloud whilst riding my motorbike even though I can’t sing for sh*t…I recycle the same jokes and laugh at them every time…I see the innate goodness in people that see and love themselves for who they are…I spent too many years doing something I wasn’t happy in because I was too afraid to change…I learned excuses are futile…my heart sings when I experience or witness true healing…I appreciate the simplicity of life’s wonders

I established Gentle Watters to provide a gentle yet powerful holistic support to those seeking personal growth.  My approach is rooted in common sense and takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our needs.  I am well suited to those who are not looking for someone to fix their problems, but rather steer them into their own power to change and provide support and guidance through the journey.

My own journey towards this work was born from a deep desire to heal and transform extremely traumatic childhood experiences.  Even although I broke away from the harmful environment at a young age, it took many years to navigate the struggles of my inner world.  This led to bouts of Anxiety and Depression which lasted decades beyond the traumatic events, and I falsely believed I would always live with these internal struggles…until I discovered my true power to transform.  The power we all have.

By being willing to seek help, learn about the mind/body/spirit connection, make lifestyle changes, go within, feel my emotions, listen to my body, listen to my soul, and be responsible for my choices, painful experiences transformed into health, strength, compassion and a love for life.    

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Professional Qualifications picked up along the way

Diploma of Kinesiology

Diploma of Mind Body Medicine

Cert IV Holistic Kinesiology

Meditation for Kinesiology

Reiki Master

Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment