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What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) is the science of muscle monitoring

Kinesiology is based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine concept that needs us to first understand we are energetic beings as well as physical.  Life force energy, also known as Qi, flows through the physical body via internal pathways.  These energy pathways are called Meridians and each meridian is connected to specific muscles and organs.  These are the same channels used by Acupuncturists.

For optimum health, this energy needs to flow freely through your body’s 14 main energy channels to carry the life force energy via the entire body.  Any blocks to this flow causes a build up of stress patterns which are experienced as imbalances. 

Our bodies are designed to heal, we need to work hard at putting our bodies out of balance

These imbalances can affect you on the physical, emotional, psychological, biochemical and energetic levels:

So for example a physical imbalance could be a structural problem such as a tightness of muscles on one side of the body from overuse, resulting in physical pain. 

Emotional imbalances could present as an over sensitivity to emotions causing you to cry for no apparent reason, or stagnant emotions resulting in Depression. 

Common psychological imbalances include Anxiety and intense overthinking.

Biochemically your hormones and nutritional levels will be affected if out of balance, for example irregular menstruation

Energetically you will feel fatigued if your Qi is compromised.

We are holistic beings, so whenever one aspect is out of balance it automatically affects another.  Think in terms of feeling physically exhausted because you worry excessively, which then affects your ability to sleep.  Worrying also quickly depletes your body of energy as it uses up vital nutrients.  If this goes on for long enough, your digestion will start to become compromised etc etc. 

The body has it’s own innate healing and remembers every experience we’ve had by storing stress in the cellular level

You may know that you worry a lot, yet not know what’s driving the behaviour.  Kinesiology is a bit like talking to your subconscious.  When I apply gentle pressure on your muscles, I observe how they’re responding to my pressure.  Healthy strong muscles are unable to resist this light pressure when internal stress is identified.  So in this way, the muscle monitoring becomes a biofeedback tool to find where the stress (or trauma) is being stored in your body.  When we can also identify the cause of the stress this brings awareness to what needs to change.

The body is designed to heal and is continually moving towards a wellness state.  Correcting these imbalances optimises your mind and body’s capacity to heal itself.  Making changes in your life to support the healing helps you reclaim your health in a way that’s empowering.

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