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What happens in a session

A Kinesiology session is called a ‘balance’ and lasts 90 minutes. Initially we’ll have a chat about your health, what your priority issue is, and what you’d rather be experiencing.

After our chat you’ll lay on the table fully clothed as I apply gentle pressure on your muscles, mainly the arms and legs.  This technique identifies where in your body the stress is being held in relation to the priority issue we’re working on.  It also cleverly gains insight into what’s needed to release the stress and move you towards what you’d rather be experiencing.

Once the stress patterns are identified I apply the appropriate techniques to restore balance to your system.  Some of the techniques used include Acupressure,  Postural Alignment, Neuro-Lymphatic Massage, Counselling for belief systems, Dietary Awareness,  Chakra Balancing, Cranial/Pelvic Reflexes, Guided Visualisations, Sound Healing Chimes,  etc.  

Allowing your body’s innate intelligence to communicate in this way is highly effective when combined with listening to your inner wisdom.  If you find yourself having realisations about why you’ve been doing things a certain way, you can apply conscious awareness to your new choices.  This can be quite empowering.   

Afterwards I may encourage you to make some lifestyle adjustments to support your desired outcome, such as making time for self-care, dietary modifications etc.  I will help you make the changes at a pace that’s supportive rather than overwhelming and this may include needing to work on and clear sabotage behaviours.

I respect the trust required in my work as a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine practitioner, and have created a supportive space by remaining engaged and present with you throughout the session.  My supportive approach has often been described as gentle, intuitive and empathic.

If you’d like to have a chat or book an appointment I’d love to here from you.

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